3 Powerful Ways To Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

Clutter is probably causing you more stress than you realize right now.
So you might need to consider to declutter your home!
When life is stressful and our calendar is jam-packed with activities, we all need a quiet and clean home that we can come back to to relax in.
That should mean a calm, organized space that feels light, spacious, homely and safe.

But for too many of us, our homes are just yet another thing that causes stress.
And clutter is to blame.

Clutter makes a space busy, chaotic, dusty and hard to clean.Click To Tweet
Conversely, if your space is emptier, you’ll be able to keep it looking pristine with minimal work.

I can recall a moment, about eight years ago when we invited a house broker to discuss the possible sale of our home.
She advised us to get rid of a lot of storage space blocking our staircases.

At that time we were convinced we couldn’t do without all the stuff hiding in cupboards.

For us it was a real eye opener to have someone point out the obvious.
We were up for some serious de-cluttering.
Now I can say our staircases are cupboard free.
And we got rid of a lot of stuff that no longer served any purpose.
Either in practical sense or emotional sense.
And we decided to stay in our tidied up home.

So how do you go about reducing that clutter?

Better yet, how to get rid of clutter fast!
Declutter Your Home

1. Learn to Detach

How many items do you have that you never use but that you feel you can’t get rid of because they were a gift?
Or because they have some kind of sentimental value?
Of course sentimental objects are important and we should all have a few keepsakes.
But this can go too far if it means you feel the urge to hold on to every last item that you’ve ever owned!
If you are keeping items in memory of someone, then how about keeping just one gift?
And if you’re worried about hurting feelings, you can always lie and say the item broke!

2. Break Collections

When it comes to hoarding clutter, one of the very worst things you can do is to view something as a collection.
You probably think of your DVDs as a ‘collection’ for example and there’s a good chance you’ll have made sure to include every DVD in a particular category, or that you feel says something about you. Now you can’t throw any away without ruining your massive collection!
This is a big cognitive shift but as soon as you realize that collections don’t mean anything, decluttering will become much easier!

3. Take a Pause

When you’re thinking of buying anything new, always take a pause.
There are a lot of factors that contribute to a purchase and many of these have been purposefully designed by marketing and sales teams to prey on our emotions.
When we buy based on emotion, we end up making the wrong decisions.
When we buy because we have gone away to think about something and then come back to it that means that we genuinely need or want the item.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about “3 Powerful Ways To Declutter Your Home
I am convinced you can declutter your home too!
Give it a try.
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