How To Be Successful By Using A Daily Success Rituals Checklist

Daily Success Rituals Checklist

Your success or failure is determined by your daily success rituals.
What you repeat every single day forms a habit that shapes your current and future reality.
This checklist will run you through the simple steps and strategies to create your ritual for unlimited success & sustain it long-term!

Module 1: success rituals fundamentals

Do not be scared of the word rituals.
Ritual is just a synonym of the word habit.
We all know that our thoughts and actions over a period of time will determine how we progress in life.

Positive rituals yield positive results, and harmful rituals will produce undesirable results.

We have many rags to riches story, and you might be a rags story awaiting the right rituals to change your situation to riches.
You will never know until you examine your life and make the necessary modifications.
It is time to change your perception about rituals.

Learn To Discover Your Talents
You will find individuals with similar Success Rituals, but they all produce different results.
This is because everyone has different opportunities and how we react to situations is different.
If you do not discover the uniqueness that comes with your talent, you might never truly stand out from the others that are in the exact field as you are.

You will only discover the uniqueness that comes with your talent after you have started using your talent.
The first step on the Success Rituals Fundamentals is to believe in YOU.
If you do not believe in yourself, you will never really discover your true potentials.
Apart from finding what hidden treasures of skills you have buried within, is knowing, how and when you are at your best.

What is Fear?
Fear is the mastermind behind the death of many goals.
We all know someone who is an “If I had.” The “if I had” of life have many ideas and are always the first ones to tell you how to get things done even though they have never tried anything worth mentioning in their lives.
Yes, they have all annoyed you and me at some point in time in life.

The only way to dispel your fear is to take the necessary steps to set realistic goals and timelines for your concepts.
The moment you decide to continue with your ideas you will feel the power fear had over your mind slowly losing its grip.
Fear will entirely lose its grip on your mind when your concept becomes an action.
So go ahead, even if you have to move with wobbling legs and shaking fingers, take your leap of faith.

The Fundamentals Ladder Of Success Rituals
Goal setting and time management are equally important on the Success Rituals fundamentals ladder.
Hard work and determination is what will transform your goals into reality.
Making improvements to your skills set and plans, are another set of Siamese twins.
If you improve on your skill sets, then you will discover other things that you can accomplish.

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If we try to skip a step, then, we can be sure of a definite fall.
The fall will be in the form of failing to achieve our goals.
Take things step by step while you discover yourself and find your sole purposes for being awarded the gift of life.
Learn to enjoy your roller coaster ride that life is guaranteed to take you on.
No matter how badly you fail, you can always raise again if you work hard and if you are determined enough.

Chapter 2: rituals of highly successful individuals

Are you wondering if Success Rituals are real?
Well, this is what this section will clarify for you.
I will be sharing with you rituals of high success and how it will help you get ahead of the regular folks in life.
Take a look at the morning, evening, and business rituals of some highly successful individuals below:

Morning Rituals Of  Ten Highly Successful Individuals

Padmasree Warrior (CEO NextEV, U.S.) – A true warrior of time and rising early in the mornings to complete most of her task is Padmasree Warrior.
While the night shadows cover the land, and with the twinkling of the stars which probably reminds her that she is among the most successful women; at 4:30 in the mornings Padmasree Warrior is up and working.
Padmasree Warrior starts the day by going through her emails for approximately an hour.
Then, she ensures she is kept informed about current affairs by reading the newspaper.
After her reading of the papers, then, it is time to ensure she remains fit and healthy, so she exercises.
After her daily morning rituals, she is in her office by 8:30 in the mornings, ready to take on the challenges of a new work day.

Tim Cook (CEO, Apple) – Tim Cook not only enjoys his race of being up before the sun, but he is very proud of the fact that he is the first one to be at his company in the mornings and the last one to leave during the evenings.
You can check for an email from Tim Cook as early as 3:45 in the morning; because that is when he gets up, and has become known for sending company emails at that time in the mornings.
Tim Cook is one who ensures that he maintains his health; therefore, you can find him in the gym by five in the mornings.

Jack Dorsey (Co-founder, Twitter) – Tweet, a tweet might be some of the twittering that Jack Dorsey hears at 5:30 in the morning when he is taking his six miles jog.
Jack Dorsey also takes some time to meditate before he leaves for his run in the mornings.

Jack Ma (Founder, Alibaba Group) – As precious and swift as the wind is the commodity time.
We cannot preserve time, and once past, we can either give thanks that we had used our time productively or live with the regrets of what we never used our time to accomplish.
Knowing how precious time and his family are Jack Ma is up by the latest seven in the mornings.
Jack Ma uses half an hour to complete some task, and then he ensures he spends some quality time with his family.

Kara Goldin (Founder & CEO, Hint Water) – It is time to take a hint.
Most highly successful individuals are hitting the work button before the day is dawn, and Kara Goldin is among those who are doing so.
Kara Golding day begins at 5:30 in the mornings.
She peruses through her work calendar ensuring that she has no exigent meetings, and then she responds to emails.
By 7:15, Kara Golding starts making her business calls, but not before she saturates her taste buds with a double latte, and she goes hiking with her husband.

David Cush (CEO, Virgin America) – Crunch time is at 4:15 in the mornings for David Cush.
His fingers get busy to dial his associates’ numbers who are on the East Coast, but not before he took some time to send his emails.
Next, David Cush tunes his ears to Dallas Sports Radio, while his eyes are kept busy reading the newspaper.
Then, he is off to the gym to ensure he keeps himself fit.

Dan Lee (Director, NextDesk) – It is time for a standing ovation because Dan Lee is up by the clock strikes 3:30 in the mornings.
Dan Lee ensures that he is completely hydrated by drinking two liters of water, then, he also consumes two cups of coffee, and smooth things off with a smoothie.
After Dan Lee hydrates his body, the next ninety minutes, he shares with his dog and reading.
He reads for one hour and spends half an hour with his dog.
Clearing his pours through perspiration, you can find Dan Lee in the gym from 5:15 – 6:15 in the mornings.
When the clock ticks its way to 7:15 in the mornings, Dan Lee is already in his office, prepared to tackle the challenges of a new work day.

Sallie Krawcheck (Co-founder, CEO Ellevest) – It is the romancing of the mind with the lights dimmed or sometimes she seeks warmth from the fireplace, along with a hot cup of coffee and Sallie Krawcheck is ready to start her day at four in the mornings.
While the lights might be dimmed in her home at four in the mornings Sallie Krawcheck is shining bright with ideas; because that is when her creative flair comes to light best.

Indra Nooyi (CEO, PepsiCo) – Popping as early as four in the mornings, is, Indra Nooyi.
Her first task is ensuring that her plans are organized for the new day.
Indra Nooyi is usually buzzing in her office by seven in the mornings.

Richard Branson (Founder & Chairman, Virgin Group) – He is certainly no virgin when it comes on to rising early.
Not even the comfort of his private island can prevent him from pulling his curtains at 5:45 in the mornings to watch the rising of the sun.
With a fantastic view of the rising sun, which comes with the opportunity to enjoy his fortune for another day, Richard Branson maintains his health by exercising and having a healthy breakfast.
Then, he is off to work to ensure that he keeps making his billions.

Evening Rituals of Five Highly Successful Individuals

Bill Gates (CEO, Microsoft) – Bill Gates, dubbed the richest man in the world according to Forbes Billionaires list.
He reads for an hour almost every night before going to bed, no matter how late he gets home.
One of the topics that have consistently sustained his reading habit is business related issues, which Bill Gates uses to assess changes in the market (no surprise there right).
He also reads about politics and healthcare.

Joel Gascoigne (CEO, Buffer) – Walking for twenty minutes every evening.
During his walk, Joel Gascoigne assesses his work day, analyses his greatest challenges, and then, he will slowly stop thinking about work when the shadow of tiredness takes over his body.

Arianna Huffington (Founder, Huffington Post) – At nights Arianna Huffington disconnects from the world of technology by turning off all her electronic devices.
Then, she dissolves the stress from her work day by taking a hot bath.
Arianna Huffington pulls the shutters on her day wearing her pajamas while she reads a physical book.

Kenneth Chenault (CEO, American Express) – Kenneth Chenault gets a head start to his days by setting goals for three things he wants to achieve every night before he goes to bed.

Oprah Winfrey (Business Woman and Media Mogul) – Oprah Winfrey ends her days just as how she starts them.
She meditates twice per day, once in the mornings, and once in the evenings.

Business Rituals of Three Highly Successful Individuals

Amancio Ortega made it to Forbes Billionaire list as the second wealthiest person in the world.
Amancio Ortega has five business rituals, which have guided him to success.

1. Speed is very important
2. Obsess with your customers need
3. Being In Control Of Your Distribution Channels
4. Being Committed To Your Roots
5. Continuous Innovations

Carlos Slim Helu has the tag of the fourth richest man in the world according to the Forbes Billionaire list.
He has ten business rituals.

1. Making money in a downturn
2. Simplicity in organizational structures is best
3. Remain focused on innovation, growth, training, and quality
4. You must live without fear and guilt
5. Making wise Invest in areas that customers find it difficult to avoid you
6. A good education will assist you to manage big a business better
7. Try to be humble no matter your status
8. Prepare yourself for big opportunities
9. Committing to the game
10. Comprehending your business to the core

David Koch, the tenth billionaire on the Forbes Billionaires list.
David Koch shared his five tips for you to start learning from those who are rich.

Below are David Koch’s five tips:

1. Creating wealth through earnings and not saving
2. Never be afraid to believe in your ability, and you should take smart risks
3. Do not become emotionally attached to money
4. Capitalize on all your opportunities
5. Understanding that your time does not equal money

Chapter 3: empowering and disempowering rituals

It is never too late to find new routines or to improve on those you are currently practicing.
We all have rituals, but the question that you need to ask yourself is: “Are my rituals empowering me or are they disempowering me?”

The Power Of Your Thoughts

Start your day with the right attitude, full of energy and refreshed with ideas.
When your day gets off to a good start, you will be able to use your time more productively.

We all have the same twenty-four hours in our day but how we structure our activities for the day can make a lot of difference.

Let us take a look at some disempowering rituals that you might be practicing, and were not aware that they are not empowering you.

Nine Common Disempowering Rituals:

  1. Getting out of bed long after the sun has comfortable settle itself in the sky and have provided great warmth for the Earth.
  2. Lack of physical and mental exercise.
  3. Unhealthy eating habits, which are leading to degenerative and other fatal health issues.
  4. Your time is used for reading and watching the wrong kind of materials, which cannot assist you to achieve your ultimate goals.
  5. Evaluate your acquaintances.
    If you associate yourself with people who are thriving for success or who are already successful, then, you will be motivated to change your lifestyle to be more in line with the successful people whom you are now associating yourself.
  6. Never making any plans for your day, you just go with the flow of any events.
    If you are not making plans to achieve, then you have quickly set yourself up for failure.
    So do not be surprised when you reap failure’s results.
  7. Poor time management
  8. No form of academic improvement.
  9. The poor allocation of your finances is a disempowering ritual.

Daily Success Rituals

Six Empowering Rituals

  1. Exercise
  2. You must eat healthily and ensure you have adequate rest.
  3. Get up early in the mornings.
  4. Make plans in your journal for the following day before you go to your beds at nights and evaluate activities of your day.
  5. Find time to unwind and meditate.
    Spend some quality time with those you love.
  6. Invest in yourself by increasing your knowledge about the field that you are in, and also learn how to spend your money wisely.

Chapter 4: building your success rituals

After you have identified the rituals that you currently have, your next step is to assess what rituals you need to practice.
Then, it will be time to build your success rituals.

You cannot create your success rituals if you are not aware of what is that you need to be doing to ensure you become successful in your given field.
If you want to become successful, then you must find out what rituals those who are successful in your given field have.
Then, based on the information that you have garnered, you will build your own success rituals.

Let us examine the benefits of rising early in the mornings:

  1. There is just something about the dawn of a new day before the sun makes it appearance in the sky that fills your inner vessel with a lot of hope.
    Not even the polluted air, which is often found in urban regions, can eradicate that morning whiff of hope, even if you just open a window in your home to take a swift, deep breath of it.
  2. A second benefit of rising early in the mornings is that you do not have a lethargic feeling, which typically comes with rising after the sun has risen.
  3. You can get a lot more done during a day by having an early start.
  4. The peacefulness of the morning gives you a chance to filter your thoughts more accurately and make better plans.

To maintain or not to compromise your health, you will have to watch what you consume and ensure that you do at least half an hour of physical exercise each day or for a minimum of three days per week.
Most of the successful individuals have incorporated exercise into their daily routine; therefore, the next morning ritual that you should develop is exercise.

Exercising and eating healthy is one way that you might cheat death to live a little longer so you can enjoy your wealth.
So I am sure it is worth taking the shot at having a healthy lifestyle.

Chapter 5: six core success rituals

There six core areas of success.
Each area is important to create balance in your life.
If you ignore one of the six core areas of success, then, you will not be able to function at your best.
You will have a sense of lacking in your life and might even waste your time trying to fill the void with the wrong things.

The six core areas of success are listed below:

  1. Physical Health – The emphasis can never be too much on how important it is to ensure you do all that is possible sustain your physical health.
    It is quite logically that one of two things will occur if you do not maintain your physical health.
    It is either that you will have to spend your fortune on medications and doctors or you will be snatched to an early death due to some form of health issue.
    Exercise, eat healthily, get adequate sleep, and drink a lot of water can assist in keeping you healthy.
  2. Emotions – Your emotions affect your mind.
    If you are mentally unhealthy or unstable, then you cannot make objective decisions.
    A decision that is made when someone is emotionally unstable can wreak havoc on your life and has the potential to become very drastic, which we have all either heard, read or experienced personally.
  3. Relationships – Your relationships can affect your health and your emotions.
    Examine your relationships, and see how they are impacting your life.
    If being around someone makes you feel burdened, or you feel as if that person is pulling all your hope, and joy out of you, then that is a toxic connection.
    You need to disconnect from that person.
    Relationships that motivate you to become better or the ones that help your ideas sparkle are what you need in your life.
  4. Career or Business – Observing the attitude people display at their place of work can always tell who loves their job from who do not.
    If you are not in the job or business which makes you feel that this is what you were born to do, then you might be in the wrong field.
    Your career or business must leave you feeling fulfill no matter the obstacles you face daily.
    The belief that the world could not exist without you doing that business or career find its resting place in your mind and heart.
    When in the right field, it will be easier to keep focus, and because of the passion you have for your career or business, failure cannot convince you to quit.
  5. Finances – Wealthy and happy is all of our heart’s desire.
    However, if you want to be wealthy, it might take years of hard work to become rich, but it only takes a minute with a bad investment, which will result in you losing all your money.
    Never spend money on things just because you want to impress others.
    That is not a ritual of successful individuals.
    The wealthiest people live humble lives.
  6. Spirituality – No matter what your religion preference may be, spirituality is an important aspect of spiritual success.
    Spirituality can be found all around you, from the time you spend in nature, to meditation, to your religious practices.
    Spirituality can ground you and keep you close to both your personal feelings and help you work through anxiety and emotion which will enable you to make sound and important judgments.
    Choose a spiritual ritual for yourself and stick with it each and every day.

Daily Success Rituals Checklist

Chapter 6: morning success rituals

A vast amount of information was shared about morning success rituals throughout this book, and it is evident that you have to start your day right, to create the perfect momentum for the rest of the day.

  1. Smile
    Your first exercise routine should be a smile.
    A smile is free.
    It is the best cosmetic surgery, and it will help to relax you.
    Try smiling right now, and see if you do not feel an instant peace in your heart.
  2. Show Gratitude
    After you smile, then you should show appreciation to the world around you for the ability to experience a new day.
    Through meditation, you will hear your inner voice more distinctly.
    You will have the opportunity to search your soul, and discover your most profound desires.
    Sometimes, if you listen keenly, you will begin to understand exactly what your path should be.
  3. Drink More Water
    Drink some water at least a liter to hydrate your body.
    Water helps with circulation, improves your skin tone, assists with weight loss, and the purification of your body.
    Water is the best drink to have.
    It is imperative that you always consult your physician about things that will affect how your body functions, before attempting to do them.
  4. Positive Affirmation
    You need positive affirmation.
    Motivational audios or books are a great source of motivation.
    After you meditate, then, you can listen or read from something from your favorite motivator.
    Positive affirmation is a must among your daily routine, and you have to learn to be your greatest source of inspiration.
    This will help to block all the negative voices, which will tell you that you do not have the ability to achieve.Feeding your mind with positive food sets the tone for you to improve your knowledge.
    Take some time in the morning to read.
    Most of the knowledge you will acquire in life will come from your experiences and what you teach yourself.
  5. Exercise
    Next, you engage in some vigorous exercise.
    Go for a long walk or a run.
    Do some stretches or yoga.
    Get physically active.By the time you have completed the above activities, you will feel fully rejuvenated, and ready to face the new day.
    You can start with your most challenging task, and then work your way through the others.
    How you end your day can impact how your day starts.
    Therefore, aim to end your day on a good note.Your body needs time to unwind from the wear and tear of the work day.
    Take some time to relax in the evenings.
    Designate time for your family.
    Never neglect the one’s you love in your pursuit of wealth.
    It will be very lonely at the top of the ladder success if you do not have anyone to share your success with.
  6. Plan For Tomorrow
    Make plans for the next day.
    Prioritize your task.
    Make a list of those that are critical to least important.
    Assess your day if you had accomplished your entire task, and if you had not, what prevented you from achieving that task.
    If it is possible, you should exercise in the evenings too.
    Say goodbye to the world of work with whatever relaxation techniques you have and settle in for a healthy prosperous future.

Daily Success Rituals!

Chapter 7: evening daily success rituals

While morning routines are highly encouraged to be incorporated into everyone’s daily routine, the evening rituals are equally as important to get the most out of your day.
After all, there is no point to start off a race full of energy but no idea how to end it.

Here are the Evening Success Rituals that I highly recommend incorporating into your evening routine:

1. Empowering Evening Questions

At the beginning of the Evening Success Rituals, the primary focus is to reflect your day.
And the best way to reflect is to ask compelling questions, not just any other questions that beat yourself up.
I called these powerful questions “Empowering Evening Questions,” designed to help you reflect on your entire day and come up with constructive ideas to shape a better tomorrow.

So the first thing you should do is to find a quiet place, where you won’t be easily disturbed and distracted for a set amount of time to go deep in your daily reflection.

The questions you ask determine what you focus on.
That’s the reason why the type of questions you ask yourself is critical.
Ask a lousy question, and you will feel horrible; Ask a good question, and you will feel amazing!

2. Seizing Your Magic Moments

After you’ve gone through the Empowering Evening Questions exercise, you’ll be in an incredible state.
But you don’t want to stop right there.
You should take this opportunity to seize these emotions and feelings by journaling all your successes, accomplishments and magic moments.
Otherwise, they’d be forgotten.

So take out a journal and write down everything that happened on that day.
Write down everything that you had done and all the powerful moments that you want to remember later on.

3. Celebrate

Last but not least, CELEBRATE!
Celebrate your day to your heart content; you deserve it!
This is a powerful way to positively reinforce yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for things you didn’t do, tasks you procrastinated, food you shouldn’t eat, etc… Because that’s what most people do, which prompts them to feel awful and guilty about themselves.

To make things worse, they repeat this process every day, and they end up in a downward spiral that sets themselves up for more failures.
Why bring so much pain in your life when there is so many Good that happens every day?
Why not start recognizing and celebrating all the Good that happened that day?

What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

When you celebrate your victory often, you’ll invite more amazing things into your life.
And soon, you’ll be conditioned to notice the Good in every little thing that happens in your life.
And soon, you’ll develop powerful habits such as gratitude, consistency, tenacity, and self-discipline.

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