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“Special Report: The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) Report This Disease Is One of the Fastest Growing Infectious Diseases in the US and Western Europe …”

… Because a Lack of Knowledge and Preparation Are Allowing It to Spread like Wildfire

Have you ever heard of deer tick disease?

This illness that is often spread by a tick that is frequently found on deer.
If all you had to do is avoid deer and the avoid environments where they live you are safe, right?


When this illness was first diagnosed in the 1970s in Lyme, Connecticut in the United States, transmission by deer ticks was the cause.
Unfortunately, since then, other animals and insects have served as effective carriers of this disease.

One of the most disturbing scenarios that many infectious disease experts contemplated in the past has finally and unfortunately come true … birds have now been found carrying ticks that have the Lyme disease virus, and they can spread the virus as far as they can fly.

This is probably the biggest reason for the rapid growth of the disease to areas where it is normally not found.

Consider these sobering statistics and facts about Lyme disease, often referred to as deer tick disease.

  • The Centers for Disease Control in the United States in 2016 admitted that Lyme disease is now growing 10 times faster than they previously estimated.
  •  27,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed each month … and that is just in the United States.
  • If you, anyone in your family, a family pet or anyone you come into contact with has spent time recently in shady, wooded areas or grassy fields, you are at risk.
  • Infected ticks have been identified in half of all US counties.
  • Deer, mosquitoes, mites, lice, birds and anyone who comes into contact with those animals or their environments can spread Lyme disease.
  • Lyme disease can “hide” anywhere in your body, and months or even years later develop serious conditions affecting your brain, nervous system, muscles and joints, heart and circulation, digestion and your reproductive system.
  • In just the last few years, diagnosed Lyme disease cases have exploded by 1,000% in the United States (2016).
    What used to be a problem in a few counties and states in the Northeastern United States as early as 1995 has now spread across the US.
    A full 50% of all counties in California have reported cases of Lyme disease, and that 50% saturation rate is being reported in counties and cities throughout the United States.

The same is true with Europe, where the disease is also spreading like wildfire.

The British Health Protection Agency (HPA) issued the following warning in England in 2016 …
“Lyme Disease is a highly infectious disease which is transmitted through tick bites and can lead to blindness, paralysis, and even death if left undiagnosed.
Britons are advised to protect themselves by wearing trousers, using insect repellent and checking their skin for ticks after visits to the countryside.”

The HPA also noted in a public service announcement that Lyme disease cases have nearly doubled since 2006 across the United Kingdom, naming South Downs, Berkshire, New Forest and Dorset as Lyme disease tick “hot-spots”.

Birds in Sweden and Norway are responsible for spreading Lyme disease far and wide, and one Russian test showed some form of Lyme disease present in 27.7% of all ticks examined.

Polish, German, Scottish, Swiss, Croatian, Portuguese and Italian public health authorities have all ramped up their efforts to inform citizens of the epidemic-like spread of Lyme disease.

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation reports that in the recent past, Lyme disease was only found in Ontario. They now say that Lyme disease is common in every single Canadian province.

Now for the biggest potential problem of all …

… Lyme disease can hibernate in your system, growing stronger and less susceptible to treatment, only to appear months and even years later, posing a serious threats to your heart, your other organs, and causing chronic, debilitating and in rare cases, deadly consequences.

Ready for some good news?

In almost every situation, when Lyme disease is spotted and treated early, it is little more than a frustrating aggravation that causes flu-like symptoms, headaches, and aches and pains in your muscles and joints that respond quickly to treatment.

As with any disease or illness, knowledge is the key. In the coming years Lyme disease can be an epidemic that leaves its dark mark on you and your family, or you can very easily prevent it from having any serious effect on the ones you love.

To prepare you properly for a disease which has already multiplied exponentially around the globe in just the last few years, we have compiled a special report to answer all your questions.

Introducing …

Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

Here is exactly what you will discover in this 30 page Lyme disease resource …

  • That Lyme disease can lead to arthritis, heart and vision problems, and other very serious health conditions if not spotted and treated early (Chapter 3)
  • As many as 3 million US citizens are battling Lyme disease, with 300,000 new cases reported each year (Introduction)
  • Far from just a North American problem, Lyme disease has been discovered in 80 countries around the world (Chapter 2)
  • Exactly what Lyme disease is (It is a lot more common than you might believe, especially if you spend time in the great outdoors) (Chapter 1)
  • The top carriers of Lyme disease (Chapter 2)
  • The right way to remove ticks (Do it the wrong way and you could make matters worse) (Chapter 7)
  • The most common symptoms of Lyme disease (Chapter 3)
  • The simplest and smartest strategies to prevent Lyme disease (Chapter 7)
  • Why ticks are the most common carrier of Lyme disease (Chapter 2)
  • Health problems which are frequently misdiagnosed as Lyme disease (Chapter 4)
  • Traditional Lyme disease treatments (Chapter 5)
  • How to treat Lyme disease naturally (Chapter 6)
  • How to protect your pets, and avoid having them bringing Lyme disease into your home Chapter 7)
  • And much more

Remember, this information is immediately available through a digital download.
Wherever you are, night or day, anywhere in the world, you can, just minutes from now, begin protecting yourself and your family from the infectious, dangerous and even in some cases deadly results of this disease.
If you, anyone in your family, or your pets spend any significant time outdoors, getting your hands on this exhaustive Lyme disease resource is a must.

You don’t have to fall victim to Lyme Disease!

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