How to Create A Perfect Pitch!

How to Create A Perfect Pitch

Raymond, why write about Music Promotion when you can’t read a note, play a note or sing a note yourself?

My answer is quite simple.
Our son started a band when he was pretty young and instead of bringing my kid to a football team each Saturday (like many other parents do in our little town) I found myself helping these guys by chauffeuring to gigs, recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

It was a great kick to see these kids enjoy writing and playing music whilst they were growing up.
I was glad I could lend a helping hand with everything involving the band, except the ‘creative’ stuff.
(Turns out I know diddly about music).
Although I’d love to play in a rock and roll band, truth be told, I just don’t have the talent.

Unfortunately, my son’s band ended with a bang, not a whisper.
So daddy had to find a brand new hobby 😉

Now my son’s starting a new phase in his ‘music’ career.
And I promised him to help him with all nonmusic related stuff.
What I am learning along the way I’ll share with you.
Comments, feedback, and help are very welcome.

perfect pitch

Create A Perfect Pitch

Many people feel pitching is a necessary evil.
Nevertheless, if you think you have the music to make an impact but you lack a fan base, a short pitch is vital to introduce yourself to your ‘prospective’ audience.

Ariel Hyatt (CEO of Cyber PR, a digital PR & social media strategy firm) is convinced the artist’s pitch is the most important thing for artists to define and hone before they go out and try to market themselves.

Derek Sivers (the founder and former president of CD Baby) reveals how to create and craft the perfect pitch that your fans will respond to!

It is sufficed to craft a one-sentence description of your band’s music to make it easier for the public to relate to you.
These few words should make people curious to find out more about you.

Bob Baker (author and indie musician) calls this pitch a Brand Identity Statement (BIS).
It’s a succinct motto that spells out exactly what you do and who you are.
It should be brief and to the point so that even someone who is not familiar with you will understand what you stand for within seconds.
Watch this informative video below or click on one of the links under this video to receive some more tips on crafting a perfect pitch.

How to Create the Perfect Pitch

10 tips for making the perfect pitch
Selling the vision
It takes a wide-ranging skill set to be a successful entrepreneur.
Your product has to be good, has to fill a niche, address a problem.

EYVoice: Creating The Perfect Elevator Pitch – Forbes
But developing a winning elevator pitch doesn’t need to be stressful. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned. Here are seven tips I can offer to help you raise the value of your elevator pitch.

How to Get Perfect Pitch: 6 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow
How to Get Perfect Pitch. If you’re a musician, chances are you have encountered someone with perfect pitch. It is mostly thought that perfect pitch is something you are born with, but it is more likely that people learn it at a very…

Ariel Publicity’s Blog On Music Marketing
Covering a broad range of music marketing related topics.

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