How To Overcome Procrastination By Mastering Stronger Autonomy

Overcome Procrastination

Many people fail to overcome procrastination owing to a lack of a strong will, as well as clear and effective strategies.
However, you do not have to search far for help as you can help yourself by making one vital principle and sticking to it – self-reliance.

Help is not always good.

Many people who deal with procrastination find an easy way out in friends and family, who are ‘understanding’ and hence always ready to step in and help out.
While this helps resolve the problem for the moment, in the long run, it encourages procrastinating as the victim lacks the resolve to solve current and future problems.

As such, it is important to make a firm decision to refrain from asking for help from your roommates, friends, and family members.
It is also equally important to make it known to them that you do not require their help for your convenience.

This message should be passed to all the relevant people in a serious tone and with clarity – it may sound like a joke to them at first considering your habit of soliciting help on numerous occasions.

Overcome Procrastination

Taking responsibility.

The decision to help yourself is bound to have a psychological impact on your friends and family and most importantly yourself.
To start with, your close relations will try to avoid performing tasks for you, and they may be interested to know how well you are faring in your endeavors.
Additionally, your will to complete tasks on your own will also strengthen with the realization that help is not forthcoming and that you are responsible for any failure.

Furthermore, failure should not be a reason to sulk.

Rather, you should take the blame without argument and face the consequences alone.
This may cause low self-esteem at first, but this negative feeling will act as an example of what to expect if you continue procrastinating.


Make a strong resolution to avoid help from friends and family to help yourself overcome procrastination.
In the end, you will have mastered the ability to attend to all your tasks, regardless of how hard they may seem, while also achieving independence and self-sufficiency.

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