Learn to Forgive Yourself and Overcome Procrastination

Learn to Forgive Yourself and Overcome Procrastination

There are hundreds of things that you would rather be doing other than what you’re supposed to be doing.
Does that sound familiar?
Maybe you got yourself a new video game console, and you would prefer playing all the latest games.
This sounds rather more fun than studying for an exam that is two weeks away.
Whichever the case, procrastination is bad for you.

But do not despair, one way of dealing with procrastination is to learn to forgive yourself for procrastinating and move on.

Self-forgiveness is usually composed of three main parts.
Knowing those three elements can help you overcome procrastination.

These are:

  1. Acknowledging your wrongdoing and accepting responsibility for procrastinating
  2. Allowing yourself to experience feelings of regret because of your wrongdoings
  3. Overcoming feelings of remorse leads to self-acceptance.
    And choosing a positive path to continue.
When you forgive yourself you allow yourself to move on to an equally important task that you will face in the future.

For example, another exam.

Self-forgiveness also helps you understand that there are no quick or easy solutions that can help you do things differently next time.
Instead, it rids you of emotional distress that results because of your procrastinating.
This helps you avoid the stimuli associated with the emotional distress in the first place.

Overcome Procrastination

It might seem puzzling how self-forgiveness reduces procrastination.
But many studies back up this fact.
They all reveal that self-forgiveness always results into less procrastination of similar tasks in the future. In a way, self-forgiveness works on your psychology.
Because forgiving yourself for your transgressions reduces the negative emotions you may have about a particular task, like reading for your exams.
But, failure to forgive yourself cultivates an avoidance motivation that will likely cause you to procrastinate in the future.
When you want to overcome procrastination,  self-forgiveness can free you from all the feelings of guilt and set you on a procrastination-free path.
Try it for yourself, what’s holding you back?

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