Over 60 And Active!

Karin & Raymond are the couple behind the website/blog Over 60 And Active.
Women Over 60 & Men Over 60 Leading Active Lives And Staying Fit

Although the definitions of Baby Boomers or Boomers isn’t all that clear the term Baby boomers or Boomers also known as “Generation Jones” is sometimes used to describe those born roughly between 1954 and 1964.
Seniors of today are changing the definition of old age, fuelled in part by exercise, healthy eating, and comfortable finances.

This blog touches upon ideas and content we are passionate about.
Fitness, Travel, Good Habits .. Enjoying life to its fullest.

Raymond & Karin Berlin: over 60 and active : Baby Boomers

Raymond & Karin Berlin

As we reach or pass the age of sixty many people like ourselves, notice that the meaning of our lives seems to change.

While the roles we play change, their importance shifts as we reach another stage in our life.

Career, friends, and family will stay important for many baby boomers.

Others will enjoy the freedom from being over sixty.
Anyhow, we noticed that the question what do you find important in your life varies amongst the people you ask this question.
Seems like the “above 60s” are a diverse group.
Much like people in other age brackets.

In this “60+” stage of our life, we find ourselves busy with

  • fitness and health by remaining active, running, cycling and eating healthy.
  • downsizing by getting rid of excess stuff
  • getting better at different languages
  • Self Improvement
  • travel
  • taking care of family members
  • personal development
  • …..

60 Plus And Active

We, Karin and Raymond, are a married couple with two children that have both flown out.
We don’t suffer from the dreaded empty nest syndrome.
In fact, we find ourselves short of time 😉

This website called Over 60 and Active is a blog about lots of different topics.
It is Raymond’s “hobby” project that tries to reflect on things that are important to us in this stage of our lives.

Over 60 and active! How To Live Full Meaning And Passion!

Over 60

Raymond Jack Of All Trades

Raymond is also an author of several books (under different aliases).
Recently he picked up blogging again.
He has been an avid user of social media and the www going back to the times of myspace and even bulletin boards.
It helps him keep in touch with family and friends on different continents.

Travelling, running, and cycling are other activities Raymond enjoys.
He also likes yoga, watching sports (football), and, of course, reading!
Reading helps him improve his imagination, broaden his mind and learn.

Knowledge is a powerful thing.
If you apply this knowledge during your lifetime, you can achieve big things!

Raymond has a master’s degree in economics.
He worked for various banks (before they collectively decided to screw things up). Psychology is a field of knowledge he picked up after banking.
He received a master’s degree there too.
As a volunteer, he worked with people suffering from depression and at a school specialized in autism.

Karin An Active Soloprneur

Karin worked at a subsidiary of a Dutch bank.
After the birth of their daughter, she worked part-time at the same firm with a less “heavy” task package.
After the birth of their son, she dedicated herself to our family.
As our kids became more and more self-dependent, she undertook various jobs and activities.
Travelling, cycling, reading, history, and languages are other activities Karin enjoys.

She does a lot of commercial translations.
As a solopreneur she concentrates on English/Dutch and Dutch/English translations.
For the last ten years, she has done work as a volunteer for a foundation.
This foundation helps people suffering from mental and physical impairment through epilepsy.

Over 60 And Active Core Values

First, we value family and friends.
We value time spent with them.

Our goal for life and business is to make a difference.
Along the way, we hope to be fortunate enough to live comfortably.
We appreciate different cultures and the value of hard work.

Honesty and authenticity are values we embrace..
We dread deception and manipulation.
While we understand that hard selling comes with many jobs, it’s never been something we were comfortable with.