13 Wellbeing Tips To Help You Achieve A Feeling Of Bliss

13 Wellbeing Tips

A definition on wellbeing: a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare: to influence the well-being of the nation and its people.
Here are thirteen tips to help you achieve this feeling of bliss.

  1. A sense of well-being doesn’t come from doing any one thing; it’s all about balance.
    Balance all areas of your life, and you’ll have a heightened sense of well-being.
  2. Improve your sense of well-being by learning a new skill.
    The sense of adventure and accomplishment when you master a new skill adds to your overall confidence and optimism.
  3. Food has a tremendous impact on your feelings and emotions.
    If you’re feeling down, reach for some omega-3 rich foods to lift and balance your outlook.

    Wellbeing Tips

    Wellbeing Tips

  4. Don’t forget about your inner child.
    Being a grownup is hard. Play or do something silly, occasionally, to honor your inner child’s needs.
  5. To feel your best, you need to rest and relax.
    Take short breaks during the day to refocus and relax your mind.
    Breathing exercises or meditation for a minute or two to center yourself and regain your mind-body balance.
  6. Laugh and smile for a quick pick me up.
    When you laugh, play, and have fun, your feel-good hormones quickly elevate your sense of well-being.
  7. Make time for real-life, personal connections. Interacting with others, in person, helps you relate to the world around you, heightens your sense of connection, and gives you a feeling of well-being.
  8. Feeling out of sorts? Give to others and watch the magic begin.
    Contributing in your community or to a cause increases your sense of value and gives you the feeling that everything will be okay.
  9. Take needed breaks.
    When something is frustrating or you can’t collect your thoughts, taking a break allows your mind to balance and sort things out in the background.
    When you go back to the task, it’s easier to complete.

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  10. Don’t be afraid to delegate.
    Getting help is not a sign of weakness.
    Delegating tasks to others allows you to balance your workload. It is very freeing.
  11. Learn to say no.
    Being able to say no when you need to gives you control over situations.
    Your ability to control what you do and when you do it allows you to maintain balance and is good for your overall sense of well-being.
  12. Live out your personal values and ethics.
    When you act on what you believe, you will develop a sense of balance, confidence, and fulfillment.
  13. Sometimes you may feel that you spend most of your time doing things for other people.
    Take time every morning to do something you enjoy.
    This will ensure that more of your needs are met and you get a feeling of well-being.

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