15 Tips On Physical Health To Improve And Watch Over Your Health.

Physical Health Tips

In this “Tips” series I’ll now zoom in on 15 tips to improve and watch over your Physical Wellbeing.

  1. Physical health includes every part of your body, from your hair to the nail on your little toe and everything in between.
    Care for each part to ensure that your overall health is the best it can be.
  2. Your hair often mirrors your overall health.
    It can reveal nutritional issues, problems with organs, infections, excessive stress, menopause onset, a dangerous diet, and more.
    Pay more attention to your hair to see the signs.
  3. Healthy hair requires healthy foods.
    Make sure you get your daily amount of iron, zinc, vitamins (A, B, C, and D) as well as protein, omega-3, folate, and biotin.
    When you take care of your hair, your whole body benefits.
  4. The eyes have it.
    Part of keeping your eyes healthy involves knowing your family’s eye history.
    When you know certain conditions and diseases exist, your doctors should watch those closely.

    15 Tips On Physical Health

    Physical Health Tips

  5. Protect your eyes from UV rays and accidents.
    Wear sunglasses that block 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays.
    Use protective glasses when playing sports or working around the home.
    Once your eyesight is lost, it probably won’t return.
  6. Hearing loss is a common health problem in the U.S.
    If it’s hard to hear normal speaking volumes or crowd chatter sounds garbled, talk with your doctor.
    The cause may be something minor or severe.
    Get help before it’s too late.
  7. Some 200+ medicines can affect hearing and balance.
    Among them are aspirin, antibiotics, diuretics, and other common medications.
    Always read the side effects and directions, even if it’s not a new med.
    Know the signs.
  8. Skin is your natural suite of armor, protecting you 24/7.
    However, any chink in the armor makes it less effective.
    Take care of your skin so it will continue to protect you throughout your entire life. This is especially important for kids.
  9. Protect your skin year-round.
    Clean and moisturize it daily.
    Use UV-A and UV-B blocking sunscreen in every season, whether it’s cloudy or sunny. UV rays are always present.
    Make a habit of protecting your skin for better health.
  10. Diabetic dry skin.
    Dry skin is less resilient and is easily damaged.
    If you have diabetes, moisturize and protect your skin from even the smallest nicks. These make you more susceptible to dangerous infections.
  11. Read your nails.
    Your nails often signal when something is wrong in your body.
    Care for your nails and learn what’s normal.
    Report changes in color, texture, thickness, splitting, and rippling.
    These indicate something’s wrong.
  12. If you don’t like exercise, think of it as simply moving.
    Raise your arms, reach for things, walk outside, etc.
    Regardless of what you call it, moving gives your body a tune-up.
    Move more for better physical health.
  13. Make it a goal to take more steps each day.
    Use a step-counter to help you.
    Write the total down each day.
    This helps you track your progress, challenge yourself, and succeed.
  14. Exercising is more fun with company.
    Grab a friend or your pet and get moving.
    Adding an element of fun often allows you to exercise longer without noticing the time or getting tired as quickly.
  15. Create a daily activity/exercise routine and stick to it.
    It can include housework, taking a special walk, inviting a friend or group over to exercise with you or anything else you want.
    The key is to make it a routine so it becomes a habit.