11 Quick Fixes To Calm Your Mind

Calm Your Mind

Many people have a hard time getting quality rest.
They rush from their beds into their busy lives and get back home exhausted, before doing it all over again the next day.
Our days lack the hours needed to accomplish the things we need to get done.
And the things we enjoy and want to do, fall by the wayside.

In our rare free time, we relax watching TV or read social media and Internet memes on our smart devices.
Unfortunately, these kinds of activities add more stimuli to our overloaded lives, making it nearly impossible for our racing minds to unwind.

Modern life is relentless and hectic.
It is high time to rediscover your pause button and calm your mind.
These tips will show you how to take back a little bit of peace, space and all-important calm.
calm your mind

  1. When your mind seems like an eight-lane highway at rush hour, close down some of those lanes and reduce the speed.
  2. Use all of your senses to calm your mind.
    Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.
    Each of the senses –affect a different part of your brain.
    Use all of your senses to reach multiple areas and receive a deeper sense of calm.
  3. Use essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, or sandalwood in your home to induce a peaceful calming effect.
    They not only smell good and may have natural calming properties, but they can trigger good memories associated with the scents.
    calm your mind
  4. Rev up your endorphins to counteract pain, sadness, tension, anger, in addition to other negative emotions and thoughts.
    Movement is the key to increasing endorphin levels, which gives you feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, as well as a calmer, positive, and more focused mind.
  5. Act with intention.
    When you listen, speak, and think with intention, your mind will slow down, focus on the purpose of the activity, and filter out distractions.
  6. Eat slowly and concentrate on the experience.
    When you eat too fast, you aren’t able to enjoy or savor the experience.
    The calming aromas, flavors, and textures of the food are lost when you scarf your food down quickly.
  7. Practice emotional freedom tapping (EFT).
    This mind-body tapping technique is an excellent way to regain balance in your life, as you neutralize negative thoughts and emotions, which hold you back.
  8. Take a catnap. If you can, a 15-minute nap will rejuvenate your mind and help to calm you down.
  9. Practice mindful breathing.
    Mindful breathing helps you to slow your racing mind and reconnect with yourself.
  10. Take a hot bath or shower to calm your thoughts.
    Hot water soothes your mind and relaxes your muscles.
  11. Be present in your surroundings.
    Sometimes, we get stuck inside our heads.
    Pay attention to what’s really in front of you.

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