Cool Things To Do In Eindhoven

Eindhoven Is Very Much Alive

There are many things to do in Eindhoven. Eindhoven has become particularly trendy in recent years.
There are definitely many Cool Things To See and Do In Eindhoven!
There is so much energy in the field of technology, sports, art & design.
This adventuresome spirit is even clearer when you visit one of the numerous festivals and celebrations in Eindhoven.

You really should not miss the Dutch Design Week, the Eindhoven Marathon, and the modern light art festival Glow.

Introduction To Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The foundation goes back to 1225 and city rights were granted in 1232!

The city has, however, been the victim of violent wars repeatedly with looting and destruction and was only able to survive thanks to its favourable location at the crossroads of important traffic and trade routes.
The production of textiles, leather, tobacco, matches and hats formed the basis for the early industry.

Rapid development was ensured by the construction of the Eindhoven Canal (1846) and railway (1866) together with the establishment of the electronic firm Philips (1891) and automobile manufacturer Daf (1928).

In the 20th century, Eindhoven expanded into a modern city with plenty of high-tech activity, a Technical University, a design academy, a High Tech Campus and, of course, the Eindhoven Airport.

Eindhoven is the Netherlands fifth City with more than 218.000 inhabitants.

Eindhoven Station

The Eindhoven railway station, completed in 1956, has an appearance reminiscent of a transistor radio of the time with a clock as the rotary knob and a loudspeaker to the right.

The facade features the relief “ik kom, ik ga”(I come, I go) portraying the various stages of human life.
Station EindhovenEindhoven and Carnival

In the Station District, you can find the sculpture “De Lampegatter“(1982) which is the name of the inhabitants of Eindhoven during carnival.
Carnaval is an extraordinary event that you cannot avoid, even if you would want to.
Carnival has a long history in this part of the Netherlands, and the locals in Eindhoven also celebrate it enthusiastically.
From the outside, it’s all about dressing up in a (silly) outfit, partying to an odd (usually Dutch) music and having (lots of) alcoholic drinks.

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The Effenaar

Cool Things To Do In Eindhoven

Cool Things To Do In Eindhoven

This was formerly a linen factory.
Now it is a nationally renowned pop music venue and cultural youth center.

It gets its name from the “effenaar”.
A tool that was used in the linen industry to remove creases from fabrics.

In the Effenaar’s restaurant you can admire the Lace Fence set up by designers graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

The Dommel River

The Dommels is a fast-flowing river that rises across the border in Belgium and flows into the Meuse.
It has traditionally been the lifeblood of Eindhoven.
Water mills supplied energy as early as the Middle Ages.

Breweries, textile and other factories also used its water.

The steam engine and waterworks system put an end to this.


Cool Things To Do In Eindhoven

The Marienhage friary was founded in 1491. In 1581, it was partly destroyed, and the monks had to flee.
In 1880, the Augustinian friars restored the dilapidated building and commissioned the construction of the “Paterskerk”(The friars church).
The walls of the friary were mainly built with the bricks of the former castle and are therefore the oldest building structures still visible in Eindhoven;.

Van Abbe Museum

The 26-meter high tower with sloping walls clad with grey slate from Lapland is truly the eye-catcher of this new building.

The collection includes works by Picasso, Chagall and Lissitzky.

Town Hall and Town Hall Square

The current town hall was built in 1969.
There’s a bronze plastic symbolizing the yet to be discovered expansion of the future point.
The low-rise building houses the council chamber wedding halls and work and meeting rooms for the political parties in the council, the mayor and the aldermen.
The citizen’s hall is used for receptions and celebration.
The liberation monument can be seen on the corner of the town hall Square and was unveiled on eighteen September 1954 exactly 10 years after the liberation of Eindhoven.
The three figures represent the resistance fighter, the soldier and the civilian who sacrificed what was dearest to them; their lives.
At the torch column the freedom flame, which is brought from Bayeux in France- the very first European town to be liberated to 1944 – by cyclists and runners is used to rekindle the eternal flame every year on 18 September

Catharina Square

The beautiful neo-gothic Saint Catharina Church houses the largest organ in the Netherlands.
The bronze sculpture Gildetamboer is to the right of the church. A medieval church previously stood on the site but precisely the other way around the choir in the east and the tower in the West as prescribed by the Christian tradition in those days.

Archaeological excavations to uncover tombs under the forecourt have supplied much information about the earlier inhabitants.
Two crypts are situated on the platform displaying remains found during archaeological excavation.
The contours of the old church are traced out on the Square.
The strikingly Dynamo building, a regional institution responsible for youth welfare stands opposite the church on the other side of the Catharina Square.
Among other aspects, the building features a pop venue for 500 visitors a sports hall and a fitness room.

The Market

Over the centuries, the market has been subject to many profound changes in terms of buildings, but its shape has remained quite unchanged all the time.
This square was an important trading center of the region for a long time, but this function was lost in the 20th-century due to the shift from agriculture to industry.
Homes made for way for shops on the market and the surrounding streets

Music Building Frits Philips

This music center is one of the best acoustic concert halls in Europe.

Six portraits are incorporated in the exterior facade.

These are composers who all lived around the time that Philips settled down in Eindhoven.

The White Lady

The White Lady (Witte Dame) is a former Philips factory, where among other products, X-ray tubes, and radio lamps were produced, now accommodates the Public Library, The Design Academy and others.
You can see the ‘Admirant,’ the highest skyscraper in Eindhoven (105 meters) from here.

Philips Museum – First Philips Light Bulb Factory

Gerard Phillips started the manufacture of carbon filament lamps in this factory in 1891.
The Phillips museum has been established in Eindhoven since 2013.
It will give you an idea of how the company developed from a small in incandescent light bulb factory into a large, leading multinational concern.

From the beginnings of the company in 1891 up to the innovations of tomorrow.

18 September Square

18 September Square is easily identifiable by its characteristic access to the bicycle storage basement which accommodates about 2,000 bikes.
You can see the remains of the former northern gateway here.

On the square you can see the Piazza center designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and the Bijenkorf (Beehive) designed by Gio Ponti.
Also, last but not least there’s the ‘Bubble”designed by Tarra Architectuur.

The many things to do in Eindhoven make it worth a visit

Although you will not find many historic buildings in the city it does boast some interesting sights.
Particularly in the area of industrial architecture and the redevelopment and reuse of old industrial buildings , you can indulge yourself in Eindhoven.
For example, visit the interesting old factory district Strijp – S , now transformed into a bustling residential, work and party area.
Or go to the White Lady an old Philips monumental building.

When visiting Eindhoven you will also notice that the inhabitants of enjoy fine living.
The town has a lively city center with many cafes, terraces and restaurants.

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