There’s More To Holland Than Lovely Tulips And Sturdy Windmills

De Malpie

Nature reserve De Malpie, a near Eindhoven and Valkenswaard situated heathland and woodland, is but a small part of a much larger area of heathland of municipality Valkenswaard.
It is a popular area for cyclists, hikers, and bird watchers.

The Malpiebergseheide, mostly owned by the municipality Valkenswaard, is a beautiful, open stretch of heathland.
A small part bordering the Malpie woodland is owned by Natuurmonumenten.
Natuurmonumenten is a Dutch society for the protection of nature reserves, valuable landscapes, and cultural heritage.
Needless to say, we support them financially, as many others do too.

For hikers and bike enthusiasts “de Malpie” is a paradise as a bike track crosses the whole area and several walking tracks of different distances are set out.

Along the way, you can come across several bird species, that until recently did not feel at home in the Malpie.
The production forest was used for mining in the past, but over the years it has been slowly turning into a natural deciduous forest, where several types of woodpeckers can be found and heard.

A bat cellar (no, you won’t find the Batmobile there) is home to the long-eared bat and the natterer’s bat.
This is an imitation cave especially built so bats can hibernate in it.
Walking or cycling through the area you will pass one of the many fens, some small, others large.
A large one named de Vaarvennen is home to a large population of seagulls.

My husband and I love to walk or cycle there.
After burning some calories, we love to drink a cup of coffee nearby.

The reserve is home to many large and small ponds in a landscape where forest turns into moorland and vice versa.

De Malpie

You can walk and bike through the beautifully landscaped scenery.

De Malpie

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De Malpie - Valkenswaard