13 Easy Happiness Hacks And Secrets

Happiness Hacks And Secrets

Getting your blood pumping releases endorphins throughout your whole body, creating feelings of happiness that combat a bad mood.
Studies have even shown that exercise can help alleviate symptoms of depression.
Any physical activity counts—running, indoor cycling, yoga, dancing—as long as you break a sweat.
Even a brisk 20- to 30-minute walk will help.

To find happiness, we must be true to ourselves, live our dreams, and be proud of what makes us unique.
So, instead of comparing yourself to others, look to see if you’re fulfilling your potential by what you value.


Nothing creates a bigger jolt of enthusiasm than a new inspiring vision of the future.
Too often people try to hold back their dreams and desires like holding a breath.
Unfortunately this only causes them to feel miserable as they suffocate.
Even if your goal is something small, it can provide you with a new direction.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

happiness hacks

Enjoy our 13 happiness hacks and secrets

  1. Turn up the volume on tunes that make feel happy, bring back good memories, or make you want to move to the music.
    It will make you feel better.
  2. Look at pictures of happy, smiling people.
    Smiles are contagious.
    This subliminal suggestion works, especially when combined with humor.
  3. Practice gratitude every day.
    Express your appreciation by giving to and supporting others.
    Not only does this make you and others happy but it helps you keep things in perspective.
    Like smiles, gratitude is contagious
  4. Pass your happiness around.
    Make a conscious effort to think positively throughout the day.
    It will increase your happiness quotient, which will also help you ignore negative comments and dramatics.
  5. Smile even when you don’t feel like it.
    Your brain notices what your muscles do, and it responds in particular ways.
    When you smile, regardless of the reason, your brain goes into a happy mode and often changes a bad mood into a happier one.

    Happiness Hacks

    Happiness Hacks

  6. Give heartfelt compliments.
    When you compliment others and make them feel good, your hormones kick in and make you feel wanted, needed, and happy.
  7. Say thank you to someone for something they did.
    Everyone wants to be appreciated, but people often neglect to acknowledge others’ efforts.
    Make someone feel happy, and your happiness level will increase in the process.
  8. Do something nice for someone.
    When you do something nice for someone, you feel good about yourself and the other person.
  9. Allow yourself to be silly or more child-like.
    Hop in a swing, color a picture, jump rope, or something else you did in your childhood.
    If possible, do these things with a close friend or a child in your life to share the happiness.
  10. Recall old, fond memories.
    Memories are a great way to relive and remember happy times, especially after someone passes away or moves out of your life.
  11. Learn to enjoy the little things in life, and everything else will seem to be grand, by comparison.
  12. Volunteer to do something for a favorite cause or organization.
    You want to be needed and essentially matter or make a difference in the world.
    Volunteering enables you to use your unique talents and gifts to make others happier and in the process make the world a better place.
  13. You’ve reached the last of our thirteen happiness hacks.
    For this one, you might have to do some shopping 😉
    If you could use a regular dose of happiness for a while, stock up on curry, chilies, or other hot peppers such as cayenne.
    These trigger your endorphins, which make you feel good and well balanced.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.