How To Brew The Best Pot Of Coffee!

The Best Pot Of Coffee

Don’t Compromise On Quality when you want the best Pot Of Coffee!
Nothing beats waking up in the morning smelling that delightful aroma of hot brew.
All over the world wake up to the delicious aroma of coffee – or they rush out the door for their first cup of the day.
We coffee drinkers have a simple choice: brew or buy.
I know buying has its benefits.
But for the price of a few cups of coffee in a cafe, you can treat yourself to a week or two of delicious coffee.
Made by you in your kitchen, with love!
And if you live in a small village, as I do, the choice is simple.

Millions of people around the world love the aroma of coffee.
Coffee is a drink to be savored and enjoyed.
Here are some tips to help you make sure you can enjoy the perfect pot of coffee every day.

I’ll show you how using a Drip Coffee Maker device or Espresso Machine.

The standard home dispensers are the drip models that you can find in about any home.
They are among the most popular in the world, for a variety of reasons.

These reasons include ease of use and the reasonably priced nature of drip coffee units.

How to make A Pot Of Coffee Using a Drip Coffee Maker

Pick up everything you need.
A coffee maker with a clean carafe, a (paper) filter, a coffee bean grinder and a cup.

Grind the beans.
Put the grind on average (or what is recommended by the manufacturer).
You can also use pre-ground coffee at the expense of some flavor.
The selection of beans is critical.
If you want something light and pleasurable, try a mild blend.
If you crave for a firm, strong coffee when you wake up, use espresso beans.
A blend of beans often produces exceptional results.

Put the coffee in the filter holder.
Follow the instructions for your specific coffee brand.
Remember to use the correct filter size and put the filter in the holder.
If the holder is removable, you can pour boiling water in it to take away the paper taste.
Try pre-wetting your coffee filters.
Along with ‘washing’ away extra flavors, that dry paper filters may transfer into your cup, it helps heat glass and ceramic brewers
– There are also reusable filters available for many devices.
These save paper, do not affect the taste of coffee and are easy to clean.

Pot Of Coffee4
Add ground coffee.
For most devices, you can add two scoops per cup.
Adjust the volume to your taste: for stronger coffee, you use more, less for weaker coffee.
If the coffee becomes too intense for your taste, you can always add some hot water.
When you are adding coffee and water to the machine, make sure you use the right ratio.
Frequently, people do not add enough coffee to produce a delicious cup.


Fill the water tank.
Use the coffee pot as measuring jug.
Fill it with the right amount of water for the quantity of ground coffee.
Fortunately, most coffee pots have a size indicator on the side.

Turn on the device by pressing the power switch.
The machine heats the water, and after a minute or two, the coffee starts to run.
Some devices are very fast, others slow.
Slow is not bad; it gives the result a fuller flavor.
Turn on some music or entertain yourself for a few minutes while the coffee perks.
The coffee is ready when you hear no more simmering.

Drink it!
Pour a cup and add milk or sugar, if desired.

How to make Coffee Using using an espresso machine

Espresso is a very different ‘cup of tea’ than the average filter coffee you get through the method described above.
Not only do you need an espresso machine, but also a particular type of burned beans, grind, and experience in filling the filter.
It is a more complicated process, and it will probably not produce good coffee immediately.
But if you get the swing of it you may never drink coffee in a cafe again!

Collect everything that you need.
You need an espresso machine with a clean filter holder and filter bowl, a bean grinder, a cup of coffee where the coffee pours in and a suitable cup to serve the coffee.

Preheat your cup.
Letting your espresso flow in a cold cup does not do the taste a favor. It’s also a good idea to preheat your second cup.

Grind the beans.
Grind as fine if possible preferably directly into the filter tray.
Fill the holder, so the coffee has a head.

Your coffee taste has a lot to do with the size of your coffee grounds.
A finer coffee grind will mean more surface area of the bean is exposed to water while a coarser grind will mean less exposure.

Pay close attention to the color of the beans to gauge which roasts are right for your taste preferences.
Typically, the darker a bean is roasted, the stronger its brewed taste will be.

Level the ground beans.
Tap the filter bowl against something to let the coffee “fall.”
Scrape the leftover coffee from the top edge with your finger or a spoon

Press the coffee.
Use your coffee tamper, press the ground beans evenly and firmly.
Make sure that the coffee is pressed evenly everywhere.
Otherwise, you might be left with spots where the coffee is looser than in other places.

Attach the filter holder filled with filter tray to the machine.
Press the filter holder firmly into the group head and turn on the machine.

Follow the process carefully.
If all goes well, the coffee will start flowing in one or two thin, creamy rivulets from the spout.
It should not spray.
After about 25 seconds, your cup will be filled with about 45 ml of a cup of coffee.
Now taste it to see if it’s off your liking.

– Take notes the first few times you try making an espresso, so you can adjust your grind to eventually get the perfect espresso.
If it flows too quickly and is too thin, the grind must be adjusted finer.
If it is too thick and it takes too long, then make you grind coarser next time.

Drink it!
Drink it black or with a lump of sugar (cane), or whatever you like.

Here are some variations to a regular pot of coffee.

Macchiato: a single espresso with a little milk foam.
Con Panna: a single espresso with whipped cream.
Cappuccino: a single espresso supplemented with some hot milk and milk froth
Latte: a double espresso with twice that amount of hot milk and some milk foam on top.
Americano: a single or double espresso in a cup supplemented with hot water.

I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.- Lewis Black

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Some More Coffee Tips:

To keep your automatic coffee maker clean use white vinegar.
Run a brewing cycle with one part water to one part white vinegar.

Keep your coffee stored in airtight containers that do not allow air to enter.
If air does get in, the beans will take on the odors of the surrounding foods.
Stay away from airtight bags, because they lose their air-tight quality once the seal is compromised.
The valves are intended to let the air out while the beans are cooling.
Coffee starts to lose flavor about six hours after it is initially roasted.
This is why you should do everything you can to keep your coffee from getting a lot of air.

You can add a few nuts to the grinder along with the beans if you like to grind your coffee.
Many enjoy the exotic flavor nuts provide to a cup of coffee.

Freshly brewed coffee tastes much better and is lower in caffeine if consumed soon after it is made.

Be sure only to grind the amount you will be using that day if you grind your coffee.
If you grind too much beforehand and just leave your coffee around, the elements will take the freshness and taste of it.

You can make most of the fancy beverages you can get in coffee shops at home if you have milk, cream, and chocolate syrup.

You can find tutorials on how to make your favorite drinks all over the internet.

You will be able to make the same beverages you can get at your favorite coffee shop with a little practice.

If you want incredible flavor consider investing in a coffee grinder.

Doing so, you will be able to grind your beans as you need them.
You will be amazed at the difference between coffee brewed from fresh beans and that made from a canned or bagged grind.
You owe it to yourself.

When ice cubes begin to melt, watering down the flavor, Iced coffee doesn’t taste so great.
Making ice cubes out of coffee or milk, and keeping them in the freezer in zippered bags is an excellent tip.
They will come in handy anytime you want a cold drink on a hot day!

Do you enjoy creamy coffees and rich cappuccinos?
Did you know these beverages contain massive amounts of calories?
Drinking a cappuccino from can be compared to eating an ice cream.

Your coffee water temperature needs to be just below the boiling point to brew the best cup of coffee.
The water will extract the maximum amount of flavor from your beans at this temperature.

Run a thermometer in the water to ensure that it is heating to the right temperature If your coffee does not taste good.

Warm up the pot in advance by putting hot water into it if you want to keep your coffee hot in the pot.
You should never let coffee spend time on top of a warming plate.
User insulated carafes instead.

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Keep these tips in mind every day and enjoy your coffee!
It might be just something to long for after a good walk!