“Jin Shin Do” Bodymind Acupressure: The Way of the Compassionate Spirit

“Jin Shin Do” Bodymind Acupressure: The Art And Science.

Jin Shin Do: In the modern world, we seemed to have lost touch with calm.
When we are calm in mind, we can be calm in body.
This simple concept can make our lives and everything we do calm, and so more enjoyable.

Toxic states like depression, anger, anxiety, and guilt can intrude on our serenity.
Making a joyous life seem far out of reach.

Thankfully, there are natural methods such as Jin Shin Do to alleviate such maladies.
It can help us return to a state of mental and emotional health.
That will allow us to release toxic thoughts and emotions.
A more joyous and calm life comes within reach again.

Psychotherapist Iona Marsha Teeguarden created Jin Shin Do.
It is a therapeutic acupressure technique that she created after years studying different meridian and acupressure and theories.

It is described as a synthesis of Qigong exercises, Chinese acupressure theory, Reichian segmental theory, Japanese acupressure techniques and Taoist philosophy.

Jin Shin Do is a combination of modern and ancient forms of acupressure.

It is also referred to as “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit.”
This acupressure technique provides you with an excellent and practical way to deal with the stress that you face daily.

  • Jin Shin Do is accepted more and more around the world because it addresses both your physical and emotional pain and tension.
    The exercises it teaches you can help you relieve yourself of emotional and physical tensions.
    These strains can be caused by distressing feelings, such as depression, anger, guilt, and anxiety.
  • Rather than repressing painful emotions, Jin Shin Do will help you transform those emotions into something positive.
    The goal of this technique is to teach you how to lead a more joyful life and realize your full potential.

The Concept Behind Jin Shin Do

The whole concept is based on the idea that emotional problems can cause tension in your body.
This pressure blocks the energy pathways, referred to as meridians, in your body.
A Jin Shin Do therapist uses his or her fingers to apply firm but gentle pressure on the tense areas of your body.
To combat headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, muscular and emotional stress, respiratory problems, as well as back, shoulder, and neck pain Jin Shin Do can be used.

Release Of Tension

The pressure that your therapist applies will help with the release of muscle tension.
By releasing this tension, a flow of energy will spread across your mind and body.
Your body will reach a state of harmony and relaxation.
During a Jin Shin Do session, the patient is fully clothed in a very comfortable surrounding.
Before the beginning of a session, you will lay face up on a massage table.
The therapist will ask you what you hope to achieve by taking part in this type of therapy.

Jin Shin Do

Jin Shin Do

The therapist will also inquire if there are any particular areas on your body that they should be cautious around or pay more attention to.

As soon as your session begins, your therapist will start firmly pressing the energy points of your body.
They will usually start by applying pressure to your neck and shoulders.
The therapist will first press on a tension point of your body.
Then he will use his other hand to apply pressure to another point in the body that will help release the blocked energy.
During the session, you may be asked to take part in certain activities such as deep breathing.

Upon tension release, you will most likely experience a state of deep relaxation and may even feel like falling asleep.

This is very normal since that’s what the state of deep relaxation looks like.
Most people have no idea what it’s like to be completely relaxed since they don’t even notice how much negative emotions have taken over their lives.
Even when you’re feeling great the whole day, you can still experience stress due to the tension that has built up in your body over time.

Towards the end of the session.

The therapist will once again start applying pressure to your shoulders and neck, then move to the spine, and end at your feet.

People usually leave a session feeling relaxed.
Some people leave feeling energized since they start feeling the energy that’s being released from their tension points.