Walking: A Perfect Low Impact Exercise!

If you are looking for a perfect low impact exercise walking is it!

Give walking a try if you haven’t been exercising for a while and if you are in for a low impact exercise.
Or if you want something easy to do daily without having to break the bank.

It is so easy to do.
You can start immediately without having to invest in any special equipment.
You can start at your own leisure.
Walking is the perfect low impact way to exercise.

Many people over 60 start by going for a short walk around the neighborhood.

It does not matter if you are not in a splendid shape.
You start and work your way up from there.
A great benefit or walking is that it provides an effective workout from the start onwards.

If it is possible, walk fast, take the stairs instead of the elevator and if you live in the hilly neighborhood use them to your advantage.
But, if you are I like me, chances are you might not have exercised as much over the last decades as would have been good for you 😉
So you need to start small because you don’t want to get ahead of yourself here.

Maybe your partner suggested that you need some extra exercise or maybe you decided now is the time to become proactive about your well-being and health.
Walking is the perfect way to start whatever the case may be.

Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and go for that stroll through a neighborhood

Low Impact Exercise

Low Impact Exercise

Your local park may offer a beautiful path you can walk on.

If the weather is lousy, as it so often is in the Netherlands where we live, you can go for a walk in your local mall or hop on the treadmill in your local gym.

If you do not want to go outside, walking in front of your TV may be an option.
To get you moving more follow this simple little idea.
When you are watching TV get off the couch during the commercial breaks and walk until your favorite TV show comes back on.

Users of services like Netflix can choose a 10-minute break between episodes.
If you feel like it, you can turn on the television and move around the place during the whole TV show.
The time doing exercise will fly by while you are moving around and having fun watching your soap.
If you enjoy having fun go outside for a walk.
Visit different parts and different areas of your town by mixing up your routes.
You never know what adventure lies beyond the next corner.

Consider asking a friend to join you when you walk.
If you have a walking buddy, you will be kept accountable.
As a bonus, it is always nice to talk to somebody else.
Last but not least grab a phone or MP3 player and listen to audiobooks or music as you walk.
You’ll notice time goes by faster this way.

Get out there and move around, and get some exercise.
Above all, that is the main thing!
Do it in a way that is gentle on your heart, your joints, and the rest of your body.
And that is precisely what walking will do for you.

Don’t postpone.
Try it today.
You will start to feel stronger, better, and happier, after a few weeks of regular walks.
I know I did!

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