A Relaxed Walk Over The Lozerheide


Lozerheide is a 210-hectare nature reserve managed by het “Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos“.
You can follow several walks there that all start at the Fabriekstraat, 3950 Bocholt in Belgium

For decades, the original moorland between the Bocholt-Herentals canal and the South Willemsvaart was put under water. This resulted in a large area of meadows and sewage fields. Lozerheide is one of them. Many hay meadows were planted with poplars. Between 1918 and 1966 the wood of the poplar was used by Union Allumetière for the production of matches. When this industry disappeared in the early 70s, the Flemish government bought the ‘irrigated grasslands of Lozerheide.
You can find plants that you would not normally find in this region due to the many years of irrigation with calcareous water from the nearby canal.
We visited Lozerheide after a period of frost in January 2017.
The crusts of ice on the open water were lovely to see!
It was sad to read a British Lancaster crashed here during word war 2, costing 7 people their lives.


Lozerheide Lozerheide

In Belgium, you can still find a lot of beautiful and surprising places good for walking.
More and more nature is protected under government schemes.
New hiking paths are laid out for recreational purposes.
Furthermore, the defense of public trails is becoming better organized in recent years all over the country by various associations with the support of the governments.