Organize Your Life Using A Journal

Organize Your Life Using A Journal

The main reason some people become successful and others do not is often contributed to their dedication to setting goals.
If you are not happy with where you are in life right now, it’s time for you to set some goals.
This might be a decisive step to take if you want to change your life.
There is not one best method when it comes down to writing down your goals and keeping them in arm’s reach.
Some like using a word processor on their computer, others like writing goals on a whiteboard while many choose a dedicated website to write down their goals and follow up on them.
I like to organize my life using a journal.
And a part of that organization is dedicated to setting goals.

Why Use A Notebook?

Using a notebook, to organize your life, as those made by Moleskine (or an equivalent) can help you to clarify your goals and achieve what you need to complete.
Buying a Moleskine notebook is an excellent way to kick off a goal-setting session.
Moleskine notebooks are a useful tool because they are made of high-quality materials and because they are available in many varieties, some of which are very portable.
Easily fitting in a handbag or the pockets of a jacket.

Ideally, you always want to be able to carry around your written goals.
A Moleskine notebook makes this possible.

journal organize your lifeUsing your writing pad as a journal can help you when you need to resolve difficulties.
The physical act of writing down the problem and naming the feelings and emotions it evokes within you provides clarity.
You benefit from expressing your feelings and ideas and the increased awareness of your thoughts and emotions.
Only then you can start thinking of feasible solutions by for instance brainstorming ideas.
This ensures, among other things, that the degree of stress that you feel whenever you feel overwhelmed decreases.
It also helps you accomplish goals by presenting a platform to work through problems, find answers, and keep from getting stuck in unhealthy rusty patterns.

Journaling fuels the imaginative spirit and soon your ability to communicate on paper (or an electronic equivalent) will help you to improve your communication with others as well.

Journaling is an excellent way to help your creative juices flow.

Organize Your Life Using A Journal

Organize Your Life

Use A Journal When You Are Writing Goals!

A blank page in your journal or planner is an excellent place to experiment.
It helps focus on opportunities instead of problems that on the surface would seem far outside the scope of possibility.

And if your dribbling gets you nowhere just turn to a new page.
And start again.
Practice forms our habits.
Habits hone our skills.

Many people enjoy writing about all the things for which they are grateful each day.

It can be a compliment your partner gave you, a smile from a stranger, a happy customer, tailwind when you are cycling or the fact that you woke up refreshed that morning.
This form of journaling can help you feel a deeper gratitude in your life as you develop the powerful and rewarding habit of noticing all that is good in your life.
This can also reduce the anxiety that you sometimes are prone to feel and help you appreciate how many good things are already manifest in your life.

Through journaling, you account for yourself.
It provides the clues to how you think, learn, create and use intuition.
Journaling centers your attention and refines your desires and needs.
It makes you a better decision-maker, and you will soon notice improvements in your quality of living.

Using a journal allows you to consign your dreams and goals to paper, thus providing the opportunity to form a mental image of the outcomes before taking action.

Of course, your Moleskine and goal setting efforts are not enough to achieve success.
You need to take consistent action every day to strive and achieve at least one of your goals.

Give yourself a set amount of time each day to focus on achieving a particular objective.
Mark your progress in your Moleskine and allow yourself to feel proud of yourself when you succeed in carrying out one of your goals.

N.B.: I am not affiliated to Moleskine.
I used it here as an example.
Other examples of paper-based journals are Leuchtturm, Piccadilly, Ecosystem, Field Notes, Whitelines, Fiorentia, and Rhodia.

Should You Use A Paper or Electronic Equivalent?

I think it depends on if you like writing or prefer to type and how long you want it to last.
If you think your family will save it and pass it along to the next generations, electronic is now the way to go.
The drawback is we don’t know where technology will be even a few years from now and whether or not we’ll be able to retrieve what we’ve saved on a disk or other device.
If you’re going to write it on paper, I’d suggest a notebook with acid-free paper.
I wish you success in writing your goals!
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