Use A Pedometer And Go Walking

Get Your Walking In By Using A Pedometer

How to use a pedometer. Setting aside some time to go for a 45-minute walk isn’t always easy.
Fitting in a workout isn’t always possible with our busy lives and us having to choose between family and work.

I’ll show you that you don’t have to reserve a time block for your walking workouts.

The reason is that by working in a little more activity here and there throughout your day, you can get the same health benefits.
And there are even a ton of cool little gadgets that help you keep track of it.
Using such a tool can even motivate you to move more!

The Pedometer

Well, such a gadget is called a pedometer.
You can pick up inexpensive models at your local superstore or order online.
Or you even go for something a little fancier like a Fitbit for example.
That’s the one me and my wife use.

You can also check your smartphone before you head out to spend money.
Several mobile phones have a pedometer built in.
Download a free app, and you’re ready.

How To Use A Pedometer - Step Counter

How To Use A Pedometer

A pedometer tracks how many steps you take on any given day.

It also tracks how many minutes you’ve spent being active and approximately how many kilometers you’ve walked.

Using a Pedometer or Step Counter For Fitness

So at the end of the day, you’ll know how much exercise you got during your day.
And it doesn’t matter if you go out after work for a 30-minute walk, or take little spurts here and there throughout your day.

Some people start their day by parking a little further away from their appointment and walking a couple of hundred extra steps.
These steps can add up!
Some take a quick stroll during their lunch break.
And others wrap up their day by walking around the park while their kids play.

The cool thing is that you got your exercise without having to block out any time.

How To Use A Pedometer? Well just give it a try!
Start tracking with the phone you’re always carrying around or put on a pedometer.
Track how much you’re walking each day.
From there on you can try to get more steps in as time goes by until you hit your stepping goal.
10,000 steps per day seems a good long-term goal for many, but if you’re feeling more or less ambitious than that, go for it.

I found keeping track of my steps to be very motivating.
Looking at my Fitbit and realizing I’m only 2,000 steps away from my daily goal is often the motivation I need to head out for that after dinner stroll.