Writer, Small Business Owner, Translator | Bilingual English – Dutch

Introduction and background

Hello! I am Raymond Philippe.
Currently, I am working as a freelancer.
I am also the author of several books (under different aliases).
The topics of those books range from Autism to Time Management, so my writing has always had a wide range.

I have a Master’s degree in Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
I worked for Dutch banks Rabobank & ING Bank in Corporate Banking.

I picked up Psychology after my banking career, as a personal interest.
Ended up with a Master’s degree in that field as well, from the Open University in Heerlen.

I love to help others with whatever expertise I possess.
As a volunteer, I worked with people suffering from depression and at a school specialized in autism.
I love helping the elderly in my community with their everyday errands.

I work on several websites as “hobby” projects.
I am an avid user of social media and the internet.
I like to stay updated on world news/events and love being in touch with family and friends around the world.

My goal for life and business is to make a difference.
Along the way, if I also manage to have a comfortable life I consider myself lucky.
I believe knowledge is a powerful thing.
If you apply this knowledge during your lifetime, you can achieve great things!


My primary goal as a freelancer is to form mutually beneficial working relationships.
I enjoy working with individuals and companies that value quality and integrity.
My work ethic is simple: I focus on delivering quality, respecting deadlines and ensuring the job gets done.
Or in other words, doing the right things and doing them right.

I was born and raised in Malaysia as the son of Dutch expats.
I am a native speaker and bilingual in English/Dutch.
I have an excellent command of both these languages.
This includes breadth of vocabulary, idioms, and colloquialisms.

I will strive to provide you with a quality translation into Dutch or English.
Your text can, for instance, include:

  • Content from your website,
  • A handbook,
  • Marketing or business text,
  • Business plans,
  • Travel brochures,
  • App product descriptions for iTunes store or Google Play Store,
  • A letter or CV.

As I mentioned earlier, my range is diverse:

  • The translations will sound natural and suitable for the targeted audience.
  • Everything will be proofread!

I have done work through Upwork, Fiverr and with clients directly.
All my clients are happy clients, I am proud to say.
I can also help you with your social media needs (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest).


Key stats:

  • Over 200 completed projects,
  • Excellent feedback.


I live in a small Dutch village with my wife, Karin.
We have two children in their twenties.
Our son lives near Manchester England, and our daughter lives near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
I enjoy traveling, running, practicing yoga and cycling.
I love watching sports, especially football and, of course, reading!
Reading helps me with my writing, boosts creativity and broadens my mind.

My Values

  • I value my family and friends and time spent with them.
  • I appreciate different cultures and the value of hard work.
  • Honesty and authenticity.
  • I dread deception and manipulation.

While I understand that hard selling comes with many jobs, it’s never been something I was comfortable with.

I am always testing myself and my limits to help serve you better!
I believe one should never stop learning!

I look forward to working with you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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Raymond Philippe.