Running 4 Fat Loss Week 3

DateWeightFat %BMI
Tuesday: 24-10-201798.2 Kg26.4%28
Tuesday: 31-10-201798.2 Kg26.5%28
Tuesday: 7-11-201798.1 Kg26.2%28
Tuesday: 14-11-201799.0 Kg26.5%28.3
Tuesday: 21-11-201796.1 Kg26.2%27

 Training GoalMy ResultsSuffer Score
07-11-201720 min tempo
09-11-201740 min steady
70% of Max HR
11-11-201730 min steady
Fartlek Run!

Suffer Score:

The Strava Suffer Score (the one I use) is an analysis of my heart rate data.

Evaluation Running 4 Fat Loss Week 3:

This week I missed another scheduled race.
The truth is that I went to Amsterdam on that day.
Together with Karin and our daughter and her friend we visited the neighborhood where my grandmother and mother grew up.
After that, we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal.
The evening ended with a concert by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel.
Later that week, we received friends to go to another gig by Steve Harley in a neighboring village.
[Indeed we are hardcore Steve Harley en Cockney Rebel fans!)
A pattern is becoming painfully clear.
I have trouble keeping up with a training schedule and calorie restriction when I go out with friends.
Fortunately, I do not have appointments during the next two weeks.
There is no external excuse to jump out of the tire.
So I will continue with my plan.
Like Tom Petty once sang it in a beautiful song.
“I won’t back down”