Running 4 Fat Loss Week 4

DateWeightFat %BMI
Tuesday: 24-10-201798.2 Kg26.4%28
Tuesday: 31-10-201798.2 Kg26.5%28
Tuesday: 7-11-201798.1 Kg26.2%28
Tuesday: 14-11-201799.0 Kg26.5%28.3
Tuesday: 21-11-201796.1 Kg26.2%27

 Training GoalMy ResultsSuffer Score
13-11-201745 min steady
70% of Max HR
62% of Max HR

15-11-20173:5 intervals49:07
62% of Max HR
17-11-201745 min steady
70% of Max HR
72% of Max HR
19-11-201730 min steady15:55
96% of Max HR

Suffer Score:

The Strava Suffer Score (the one I use) is an analysis of my heart rate data.


This week I managed to put in all my planned running!
And for the first time since I started, I saw some gain in weight loss.
In fact, I lost 2.1 kg over a period of 4 weeks.
Not too shabby.
Now let’s see if I can keep it off and get some exercise this week.
I reached the halfway mark of Running 4 Fat Loss.
Only 4 more weeks to go.
Well, actually only 2 1/2 weeks to go.
I’m off to London in the second week of December. 🛤
Not taking any running gear along.
I’ll be doing some touristic stuff with our son.
He’ll come over from Manchester, where he lives.
So the last  1 1/2 week will become a “Walking 4 Fat Loss experiment”. With all the temptations being on travel adds to the table ;-).
Quite honestly the weather this week is absolutely dismal.
Wind and rain. ☔️
Rain and wind. 💨
I do find using the myfitnesspall app a great help.
Jotting down your meals and snacks and drinks makes it easy to track the calories in and out.
I can’t say I am feeling much better than when I started this running for weight loss scheme.
Maybe it has to do with the lousy weather.
It seems I’m always feeling cold.
Maybe a cup of coffee will warm me up. ☕️