Lower Your Blood Pressure & Strengthen Your Heart

Strengthen Your Heart By Walking

The health benefits of walking are many.
It can help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart.
Many people who are at risk of having a stroke and cardiovascular disease are often overweight, unhealthy and seem to have a hard time exercising.

Lower Your Blood Pressure And Strengthen Your Heart!

Walking is a natural, low-impact workout!
With easy lifestyle changes like walking almost anyone can tackle this threat naturally.

Start where you’re at.
Put on your shoes right now and head out there.
This is no rocket science, and it doesn’t need any preparation!

If five to ten minutes is all you can do, start there.
That would already be a great start, and that could be more exercise than many people are getting.
Stick with this lifestyle change for a week and then see if you can walk for 15 minutes.

If you feel you can begin with a 30-minute walk, start there.
Pick up the pace, walk briskly and after a week or two, try to go for 45-minute walks.
Or break up your walking routine into three shorter sessions spread out throughout your day.

Lower Your Blood Pressure And Strengthen Your Heart!

Strengthen Your Heart

Discuss your walking plans with your doctor.

This is even more important if you are suffering from high blood pressure and are at risk for heart disease or if you have any other health conditions
The two of you can come up with an exercise plan that is safe and appropriate for you.

You will feel the benefits of walking on several different levels.

The act of walking itself, particularly if you can go for a stroll out in a lovely park is very relaxing.
It will lower your blood pressure soon after the walk.
That’s one benefit of this exercise and something that will help you feel better right away.

But the benefits do not stop there.
These regular exercises will strengthen your heart.
Your heart is a muscle, and with these brisk walks, it has to work out even more than the muscles in your legs.
It gets stronger and even better at pumping blood through your body as you work out your heart.
And while you strengthen your muscles and body, you are probably losing body fat too.
That’s good news for your blood pressure long term.

All you need to do is get out there for a walk each day.
As a direct result, you will become stronger.
Your walks will get longer, and you may even consider giving swimming or riding your bike or other exercises a try.

A healthy diet, losing weight and regular exercise, rank amongst the most effective ways to reduce hypertension.
Add walking helps you de-stress.
So it is no wonder that walking regularly has such beneficial effects on your health.

Ready to get started? Put on your shoes. Go for that first walk.