How To Deal With Thinning Hair Effectively

Thinning Hair Solutions

Thinning hair often comes with the territory when you reach a certain age 😉
Unfortunately, some people, men, and women have to deal with more than average thinning of their hair.

Chronic Telogen Effluvium – does that sound like the name of a hair loss affliction?
It’s one of the most common kinds of hair loss.

When women find themselves shedding more hair than they would care to, they find that one out of four times, this complicated sounding affliction is what is responsible.
It is when the body reacts to some major change in a rather unfortunate way – with shedding hair.
It could be for any reason – deficiency in something important like iron, diabetes, a hormonal condition, a reaction to any of several kinds of medicines, thyroid disorders, you name it.

There are specialized treatments – thinning hair solutions for each kind of cause of hair loss in men or women.

A problem like CTE, however, can be quite complex.
It needs an investigative process the way they have for allergies.
They need to pinpoint the cause of the problem, and it can take quite a while.
There is no specific hair growth treatment that you need if you have CTE.
You just need to find out what your body is going through – deficiency or disease of another kind that has hair loss is an incidental effect – and deal with it.

Did you ever realize that women can have a condition known as Female Pattern Baldness?
It comes from being genetically made that way.
Women who are prone to female pattern baldness happen to be hypersensitive to male hormones like testosterone.
Women have testosterone too, although in small quantities.
When a woman is sensitive to it, her head of hair begins to react the way hair does in men.
It’s very common for women who have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome to suffer from male pattern baldness.
There are thinning hair solutions for female pattern baldness they can use.

Female Pattern Baldness Solutions

Doctors can either medicate you to bring down the levels of testosterone in your bloodstream, or they can help the body do something about how sensitive you are to it.
They can also do something about how the body converts testosterone to another hormone called DHT.
Thinning Hair

You’ve probably heard about the best treatment there is for female pattern baldness – it’s the same thing that men use for male pattern baldness – ROGAINE®.
Of all the thinning hair solutions there are for this, Rogaine is the one FDA approved treatment.
Of course, there are other alternatives too.

For instance, Propecia, the tablet that men take alongside using Rogaine, while it isn’t prescribed for women ever, counts women among its fans.
Some women do find their hair returning through the use of this.
Metformin, the diabetes drug, has been found to have the benefits to offer the woman who suffers from hair loss, too.

Oral contraceptives like Yasmin can be great too.
Hormone female contraceptives help balance out the harm done by the testosterone in the bloodstream.

There are many more thinning hair solutions for people who follow different philosophies.
For instance, some people consider pumpkin seed oil to be great; steroidal drugs are known to work too.
Most of the time, none of these methods is superior to the other.
It will quite likely be a trial and error to find the best approach for your hair.